Tuesday, July 25, 2006


So I've been lured over to VOX by the ever alluring Jax. I like it a lot, though it is a bit lacking in community features. I likely won't be leaving Live Journal, but this could be the beginning of the end of MySpace for me, and the death knell for Blogger. It just seems really stupid to maintain four separate blogs when I hardly have enough to say for *one*.

Anyway, you can find my VOX blog here: http://irea.vox.com/

I've started posting a "Photo of the Day" on my VOX blog, which I probably won't post anywhere else.

I may or may not copy all my posts here as well, so if you want to be sure to read everything, (yeeeeeah, like anything I write is important or even interesting), then look me up on VOX.

Monday, July 24, 2006


We've been living in the new place since December (so I guess I can hardly call it the 'new' place anymore) and just a couple weeks ago I finally got around to decorating our balcony with a new cafe set and bunch of plants. It was the prettiest balcony in our square! And then the heat wave came and now all but one of the plants are just about dead. :/

It's not supposed to be 100 degrees in San Jose!

In related news, a dove has chosen to nest in one of the dead hanging plants... guess I won't be replacing that one. I'll take a picture tomorrow if I can do it without scaring it away. :)

How to not get a second date

How not to act on J-Date

Guy makes assumption that girl is not interested in him, and INVOICES HER for dinner... you've got to read it. Really.


In reference to this previous post, I have been screwed by Thunderbird or karma, or both.

Some random browsing this morning through my "sent" email brings me to the realization that the email I had sent to apply for the outrageously cool job was truncated. All they got was my intro paragraph. No rates. No portfolio. No contact numbers. NO ACTUAL RESUME.


No wonder they never called. :/

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's GOLD, Jerry!


Clueless blogger attacks abortion article in The Onion

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Use it for good AND awesome.

USB teddy bear holds data, scares children

Monday, May 01, 2006



Thursday, April 27, 2006


Originally uploaded by Lissaa.
A picture of our new address sign before it's stolen. Again.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Omaha Zoo

Omaha Zoo
Originally uploaded by Lissaa.
So while Lesly was still here with us visiting Todd, we all took a trip to the Omaha Zoo.

I got *some* decent pictures (the gorilla pic to the right is one of my favorites), including some llama pics for Bronwyn! But now I wish I had purchased my new camera *before* the zoo trip, not the next day.

Oh yeah, I bought a new camera. It's so fantastic I have no freaking idea how to use it yet. More later. :)

Click the gorilla to see the full set.

omg don't point that thing at me

I love Todd. He's such a shopping enabler.

new toys! Feast your eyes on these little beauties! So shiny and orange!

Yeah, so in an attempt to thwart the whole cloud-of-cancerous-gas thing that all bars here have going on, we went out and bought Todd a dartboard, and we each got a set of darts. (Now that Lesly's gone home, Todd isn't so worried about being DARTED IN THE FACE! LOL! Just kidding, hon. Sort of. *wink*)

Unfortunately we haven't found a good place to install the board at Todd's place just yet, so we might just be taking our personal darts down to the corner pub today. No, that clearly doesn't solve the smoke issue, but we can use these darts once we get back to good ol' NorCal too.

I am the big points loser of the group, but every once in a while I get some lucky shots (none so lucky as Lesly's shot to TODD'S FACE though!). It's a lot of fun, regardless. :)


Posted at 1:30am -

As much as I love visiting Todd here in the beautiful state of Iowa, I'll be really happy when we get back to California where we can go out and enjoy some drinks and a game of darts WITHOUT GETTING FUCKING CANCER AND RUINING ALL MY CLOTHES!

Jesusfuckingchrist. I hate cigarettes. So much. I have the biggest fucking headache and my clothes smell like a goddamned ashtray.