Friday, October 28, 2005

I scream, you scream, we all scream... because there's ZOMBIES!! AHHH!

Crocodile Charlie
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Charlie loves Halloween because a bunch of strangers come to the door and he thinks they're all here just to pet him! That certainly might be the case this year when people see him in his crocodile costume! He's so cute!!!

(Click the picture on the right to see more Charlie pics!)

We're quite bummed to be missing b.'s legendary Halloween party AGAIN, but we're planning on next year for sure. We might even drive out to NC next year so we can bring Charlie.

[I'm thinking of taking off a Friday and Monday so I don't miss too much work... can the drive be done in 4 days? I was 10 years old last time we drove across the country, so I don't know how realistic that goal is. We'd probably take some vacation time for the return trip so we can see some of the lovely things our great country has to offer.]

Anyway. This year I'll be American McGee's Alice - assuming I get off my lazy butt and finish the costume this weekend. I found some fantastic boots to go with the costume! I could have gotten the same style boot in a knee-high, but with my tree-trunk calves I'm never confident in ordering high boots online. The ones I bought should work out okay - I'm planning to wear them with black & white striped stockings, so it should look pretty cool, even though not totally accurate.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

holy crap... WE'RE MOVING!!!

We finally get to move into the condo we've had our eyes on forEVER!

We start moving in about 3 weeks... slowly moving our stuff over as the current residents move their stuff out. We'll move our servers very last, and might actually take Etheric up on their colo offer - depends on what kind of service we can get at the new place.

It will be so nice to finally have room to store all of our stuff! Room to hang up and put away all of our clothes! AN OFFICE COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM OUR BEDROOM!!!

We'll have a spare room for visitors!


There isn't much of a yard, just a small patio, but enough room for a nice bbq. And I looove the kitchen... it was recently remodeled and has new aluminum appliances and a gorgeous black stone countertop.

I can't wait to have our first Christmas tree in our very own place! :)

Oh yeah, and did I mention that the address is 1337 ?
How geeky is that? ;D

Sunday, October 16, 2005

pics from NorCal Renfaire

NorCal Renfaire 2006
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Apparently the Travel Channel is filming at faire this weekend. I haven't seen any tv cameras at all, but we did run into Fred Willard who was nice enough to pose with us. :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

the date

Assuming there are no problems reserving the venue...

June 9, 2007

A June bride I shall be.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

London: September 8-9, 2005

The first stop on our tour of Europe was London.

We loved London, but it's so expensive there it was almost physically painful. Not only are the prices relatively high (even compared to the SF Bay Area), but the exchange rate is decidedly NOT in our favor.

$512.00 = £250.00


London's public transportation rocks like no other. Our hotel was conveniently located about two blocks from the Euston Station which gave us access to both the tube and trains, and bus stops are everywhere. Our smartest purchase in London was day passes which gave us unlimited rides for both tube and bus. Whoever laid out the tube system and created the tube maps is a genius. We did experience a couple of delays during our visit—one due to flooding, one due to a "jumper" (eeesh, I can think of more than a dozen better ways to remove yourself from the gene pool).

Hard as it is to believe, we didn't come across a single pub offering Newcastle—later we found out we should have been looking for "free house" pubs, as apparently a lot of the pubs are chains that carry only the chain's brand of brew.

From my limited observations over our (split) four day visit, I have come to the conclusion that Londoners don't like cold beverages. And forget the requisite ice water with your meal - if you want water, you have to buy bottled water, and it ain't cheap. Sodas generally came in small glasses at near room temperature with a lonely ice cube at the top melting fast. I don't know if there's a water shortage or what, but it was a bit of a culture shock considering we were *trying* to hold tight to our money. The end result was we didn't eat or drink much while in London, and I began our tour more than a little dehydrated. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. Of course I realize there are differences in culture, I'm just pointing out what differences I noticed. :P

Our second day in London we visited the Tower of London. One thing I love about the English is the way they respect their history and their historical buildings. Believe it or not, there were places we visited in Europe that have absolutely NO respect for their local treasures—but more on that in another post.

It was fascinating walking through the different towers and looking at all the ancient armour. The Tower of London is also home to the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula. It's the most beautiful chapel I've ever seen, so old and delicate, and so carefully preserved. Walking through door I was filled with such a sense of awe and wonder, it put me to tears.

The original Chapel of St. Peter's was outside the Tower walls until they were expanded by Henry III. The Chapel has served as the place of worship for the Tower community from that time onward. The present form of the chapel dates from 1519-1520 and is a rare example of early Tudor church building.

All of those executed on the Tower Green were buried in the Chapel and many executed on Tower Hill were buried there as well (the executed prisoners had their bodies hastily buried without markers). The Chapel was renovated in 1876 during the reign of Queen Victoria, and the remains uncovered in the nave of the church (some with still intact coffins) were re-interred in the crypt. The remains that were uncovered in the chancel were reburied under the marble in front of the altar. Some of these skeletons were identified: Anne Boleyn and her cousin Kathryn Howard among them.

It was amazing to be sitting there knowing that such notable historical figures were buried just inches beneath our feet. The feeling was indescribable. We have NOTHING in America that even comes close. Bless you Brits for preserving your past—it was more than a little heartwarming to visit my "Motherland" and find so many treasures intact.

Expensive or not, we'll definitely be returning to London.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Kath!

one drawback to blogger...

...all the damned SPAM COMMENTS!

Bastiges. Every one of them.

Things I take for granted in America...

  • complementary ice water in restaurants
  • cold beverages
  • ICE!
  • biggie size sodas & free refills

...more as I think of them...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Voyage 2005: The Complete Trip

last night in London
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I finally got all my pictures from our trip posted to flickr. If you've seen our travel journal lately, you've probably seen most of these already, but there are a few new ones in the batch.

Clicking the picture on the right will take you directly to the photo set.

Tim still has *all* of his pictures to upload yet... you should all feel lucky we don't strap you down and force you to watch a slideshow. ;)

the ring

the ring
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This is the amazing "talking" ring. What does it say?

It says: "TAKEN!"

I love it.

I love Tim more. :)