Thursday, April 27, 2006


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A picture of our new address sign before it's stolen. Again.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Omaha Zoo

Omaha Zoo
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So while Lesly was still here with us visiting Todd, we all took a trip to the Omaha Zoo.

I got *some* decent pictures (the gorilla pic to the right is one of my favorites), including some llama pics for Bronwyn! But now I wish I had purchased my new camera *before* the zoo trip, not the next day.

Oh yeah, I bought a new camera. It's so fantastic I have no freaking idea how to use it yet. More later. :)

Click the gorilla to see the full set.

omg don't point that thing at me

I love Todd. He's such a shopping enabler.

new toys! Feast your eyes on these little beauties! So shiny and orange!

Yeah, so in an attempt to thwart the whole cloud-of-cancerous-gas thing that all bars here have going on, we went out and bought Todd a dartboard, and we each got a set of darts. (Now that Lesly's gone home, Todd isn't so worried about being DARTED IN THE FACE! LOL! Just kidding, hon. Sort of. *wink*)

Unfortunately we haven't found a good place to install the board at Todd's place just yet, so we might just be taking our personal darts down to the corner pub today. No, that clearly doesn't solve the smoke issue, but we can use these darts once we get back to good ol' NorCal too.

I am the big points loser of the group, but every once in a while I get some lucky shots (none so lucky as Lesly's shot to TODD'S FACE though!). It's a lot of fun, regardless. :)


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As much as I love visiting Todd here in the beautiful state of Iowa, I'll be really happy when we get back to California where we can go out and enjoy some drinks and a game of darts WITHOUT GETTING FUCKING CANCER AND RUINING ALL MY CLOTHES!

Jesusfuckingchrist. I hate cigarettes. So much. I have the biggest fucking headache and my clothes smell like a goddamned ashtray.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter everyone!

We're in Iowa right now keeping an eye out for tornadoes... hope everyone is having a wonderful day/weekend!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

new dress

Here it is.

I lerve it so much, I can't wait to wear it! :D

SoCal Renfaire 2006 - opening weekend

SoCal Renfaire 2006
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So we drove down to SoCal for opening weekend of Faire, and it was pretty awesome. Ericka & Ben flew out from Chicago, and our favorite Dwarf, Todd, flew out from Omaha. It's always good to see Todd - luckily there were no Best Buy outings on this trip, so our credit cards got a rest for once. ;)

And of course it was great to see Bruce & Sara, and Casey & Lisa!!! We never get to see them often enough. Thank you Casey & Lisa for letting us crash at your house! (And thanks Timmy for letting us stay on Sunday!)

Tim and I got a touch of a sunburn, but nothing too bad. I bought a FABULOUS Irish dress that I will have to wait about 3 weeks to wear (since we're not getting back to Faire until then--though I suppose I could wear it around the house, LOL). I've been dying for an Irish dress (my current garb is English), but I didn't want to have to bother making one myself. I was so happy to see some available for sale and in the most awesome fabric. I'll see about taking a picture of it later today. It's just yummy.

While we were at Faire, we had some preliminary talks with the Poxy Boggards' booking agent, and it looks 90% certain that they'll be able to play at our wedding for the price we were thinking. HUZZAH!

We also booked our DJ/MC for the wedding - he's the distinguished gentleman in white and baby blue in the picture above. He's a scream, the reception is going to be fantastic. :)

See more random pictures from Faire by clicking the pic.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I said "ball".

Tim and I went bowling again this afternoon and I picked up a new (12 lb.) ball.

Unfortunately the one I wanted (reds & oranges) only came in a 10 lb. ball--well, what they had in stock anyway. I had a choice between: red,white & blue (the same one as Tim's first ball); blue, purple & white (which sounds nice, but was a little too "Barbie", as Tim put it); very dark red & blue (and GLITTERY); orange, white & PINK (ugh! it was hideous); and a swirly black, red & white ball. I went for the swirly black, red & white (my high school colors). Because you KNOW the most important part of the ball is the color. No, really. :)

Anyway, so I got my new ball drilled, and we both had our new balls engraved, and then we hit the lanes. The guy at the pro shop offered to give Tim some pointers, so we ended up each getting our own lane this time. Tim did really awesome. Pro-dude also gave me a tip which could end up improving my game, but for now it put me completely back in learning mode. I sucked today, bah. My highest game was 113. If my game doesn't improve soon I might go back to doing things my way... I was really hoping for better scores with the heavier ball. :P

No bowling for us tomorrow, but we DO have an appointment with the taxman in the morning, yay, good times.

To bed with me.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Apparently 10 lbs. of ball is not enough for me

So we went bowling again today, and played a whopping 8 games. We normally bowl 5 or 6. Damn it's expensive on the weekends.

Anyway, I did pretty good, and I'm beginning to realize that I have to just ROLL the ball instead of throwing it, because when I try to get too much *umph* behind it, I tend to throw it across my body and therefore, crooked.

Back before I had my own ball I was using the 8 lb. house ball. When I bought my own, I jumped up to a 10 lb. (because the 8 lb. they had in stock was hideous, if you can follow that reasoning, lol), and it was really difficult at first, but then again I hadn't been bowling at all in a damn long time. So now I think 10 lbs. just isn't enough, because I'm just winging it around too damn easily.

Tim convinced me to try a 12 lb. and I did really well with it. It's harder to swing, but also harder to throw off course. The only problem was the thumb hole was too small so I had to give it up after a game and half because it was starting to hurt. This will be remedied by purchasing a new ball. OMG yay shopping! :)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

lol omg wtf

The worst music video ever?





Tuttle Tool City Manager wants the emails to stop
What a cry baby.

From the Tuttle Times: City manager misunderstanding prompts international response
Just when you thought he couldn't possibly dig that hole any deeper...
"This is just a bunch of freaks out there that don’t have anything better to do," he said. "When I came in to work Monday morning, I had about 500 e-mails, plus anonymous phone calls from all the geeks out there. [CentOS is] a free operating system that this guy gives away, which tells you how much time he’s got on his hands.”

[EDIT: FYI, Mr. Taylor has removed his email address from the City of Tuttle website. Google cache for teh win:]