Friday, April 21, 2006

omg don't point that thing at me

I love Todd. He's such a shopping enabler.

new toys! Feast your eyes on these little beauties! So shiny and orange!

Yeah, so in an attempt to thwart the whole cloud-of-cancerous-gas thing that all bars here have going on, we went out and bought Todd a dartboard, and we each got a set of darts. (Now that Lesly's gone home, Todd isn't so worried about being DARTED IN THE FACE! LOL! Just kidding, hon. Sort of. *wink*)

Unfortunately we haven't found a good place to install the board at Todd's place just yet, so we might just be taking our personal darts down to the corner pub today. No, that clearly doesn't solve the smoke issue, but we can use these darts once we get back to good ol' NorCal too.

I am the big points loser of the group, but every once in a while I get some lucky shots (none so lucky as Lesly's shot to TODD'S FACE though!). It's a lot of fun, regardless. :)


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